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Three days of electronic music from brussels

Brussels electronic marathon is a three-day urban electronic music festival, spread over more than 30 venues across the capital city. The festival is the result of a collaborative effort between numerous local collectives who together create and build the Brussels music scene. From October 13 to 15, BEM will host dozens of events to showcase the talent our city has to offer.
BEM is a many-sided festival, with parties, art installations, workshops, talks, introductory activities for kids and their families, and all sorts of other wonderful things. The festival focuses on electronic music, in the widest sense possible.
this is the sound of Brussels


Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode is an organization which promotes the Belgian scene by organizing events, helping talents develop themselves as well as creating and sharing content.

Les Apéro Chill

Apéro Chill organise weekly hip-hop apéros, since 2016. Their tagline is "Amour, miel et rayon de soleil."

ArpKord Records

A Brussels-based record label.

Atomium Records

Atomium is a record label that focuses on the collaboration between artists.

Balaise Prod

Based in Belgium, Balaise Prod is a collective of electronic music creatives and digital savvy who are remixing different mediums together to create unique experiences for the public. From live music, dj sets, vjing, scenography and audio-visual installation, they do it all!


BeatChronic is a Brussels-based collective focused on supporting local, emerging DJs & Bedroom Producers. The company prides itself on providing local & international artists a platform in various venues around Brussels, specializing in management & booking support for emerging Belgian artists.

Beatronic Sundays

Once a month during winter time, Beatronic Sundays hosts house and techno parties in Brussels.

Bedrock Records

Bedrock is a brand synonymous with professionalism and attention to detail. Maintaining the highest quality and standards in everything it does, from hosting its own club nights and festival arenas through to its merchandising range and of course its CD and Vinyl releases on the Bedrock record label.

Bedroom Beats

Bedroom Beats is a monthly event, aimed at taking upcoming producers out of their bedrooms and let them perform live before an audience.


Bepotel are a micro label who produce and release music, and features members of the late Future Failed, Elmer, Sagat, Walrus, &apos, Smaakwaterval, Zwart Geld, and many others.


Be:Pulsed is a diverse group of young people who support artistic and cultural initiatives. They offer their skills and services (from technical skills to promotional help) to help maximize Belgium's cultural offering.


BEYOND is a regular concept of events hosted by Pierre, Walrus, Kid Strike and Handless DJ. They aim to highlight the other side of clubbing, rooting inspiration from the legends of the past to the most exciting acts of today. Integrity, avant garde, expectations, no genre boundaries, evolving on the edge of 30 years of electronic knowlegde.

Biologic Rec

Biologic Records a record-label based in Brussels and London/Marseille, established and run by Abstraxion and DC Salas.

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is a collective based in Brussels curating their love for Disco on the electronic music scene. Created early 2015, they organise regular events at Epicerie Moderne and The Crazy Circle. From Post, Italo to Nu, expect funky, groovy, loose slacks & style.

Brussels Alternative Show

Since 1996 Bis Art Shaker (BAS Radio Show) is played by Dj Athome & Friends with mix sessions of Acid & Early House, Cosmic Disco, New Wave & Minimal Synth, Techno, Space Rock, Rocksteady, Northern Soul, Disco Funk, Industrial, Experimental Music and much more. Every wednesday from 8.30 to 10 PM on Radio Panik 105.4 FM

Brüxsel Jardin

A party concept introducing you to some of the most talented international electronic music talents, as well as our new local heroes. 100% handmade gigs by a group of friends that keeps on growing.


Underground party based in Brussels.


Bulex is warming the heart of Brussels since 1991 with huge parties, surprising places and original concepts. Inescapable events for more than 25 years, Bulex is celebrating a new era of cultural creation in their existence. They value social and cultural diversity, gender equality, feminine spirit and an inter-generational public.


A party for cats of all breeds!


Contemporary is an electronic music concept and creative collective, promoting and showcasing the artists of tomorrow. Curating nights from Disco to Italo & Deep Techno.

Contre Culture

Contre Culture is a collective based in Brussels which presents and promotes artists via video podcasts. Together they form a union of artists from different universes (producers, composers, DJs, graphic & motion designers) working together to promote music through images.

Cosmic Pop Records

CPR is a Brussels-based electronica, hip-hop and rap record label, with a cosmic touch.

Crevette Distribution

Distributing independent vinyl & cassette labels.

Deep In House

From House to Techno. Deep in House brings you a sweet selection of underground dj's from all over the world to Brussels.


As a party concept, DeepHeat is pushing techno music to the hallowed halls of a 21st century world heritage. DeepHeat invites a fine selection of artists to play at different venues in and around the capital.

Depth Request

Depth.Request is a forthcoming record label, based in London and Brussels focused on a raw and atmospheric techno & exploring the deepness of analogic sound.


For few months now, music webzine La Vague Parallèle is going offline with their live events Divagation. From synth pop and indie rock to darkwave and dreamy electronics, there is only one watchword of these cosy get-togethers for music freaks: goosebumps.

Eating records

A record label born out of the Brussels underground scene, Eating Records is led by Dj Whoo & Gilles. It celebrates house music in all its styles and colours, from break and deep to jack and club, it expresses the need to go back to the roots to explore a pure analog world, modern, groovy and energetic.


Echoes _ is a Brussels based electronic music party concept which takes place several times a year at Fuse. It focuses on the diversity of the genre.

Electronical Reeds

Dancefloor driven cuts and melancholic grooves. Following the historic examples of labels such as R&S Records or F Communications ElectroncalReeds nutures an open mind, quality, artist-label relationship philosophy. They aspire to be a meeting platform for established and upcoming artists who unite with a common goal of promoting quality electronic music.


Endless is a new minimal & abstract music project in brussels.


The Belgian Federation for Electroacoustic Music is the Belgian section of the International Confederation for Electroacoustic Music, member of the International Music Council-UNESCO.


"Feestgedruis" (also party noise) - means the peak at a party when you feel that everyone has reached the highest point and you want to explode with the amazing energy filling you up, the orgasmic scream of joy when a track reaches its culminating point, the energy created between the crowd, DJ and venue, the big explosion of emotions on the dance floor.

Fondation Sonore

Fondation Sonore is a record label and outpost for hard techno and industrial music events.

Form and Function

A Brussels based techno collective and label.


Initiators of the Brussels Electronic Marathon, FTRSND (Future Sound) is a collective of musicians and entrepreneurs which aims at promoting the Belgian electronic music scene. Consider them the Brussels' electronic music home base.

Full Colorz

Full Colorz is a new booking agency founded by music lovers who are dedicated to help artists achieve the success they deserve. Initially, it's a concept founded in May 2013, that organizes parties and shows in Liege. Through these events, the founder, Audrey Di Troia, hosted a great number of djs, beatmakers and producers.

Gobal Hybrid Records

Global Hybrid are world music activists and event organizers from Brussels dedicated to the newest electronified world music. Mind-blowing trips to remote folklores, remixed dance culture and trance rituals. A never ending, organic flight, energic crossing through the jungle or psychedelic trip to the heart of shamanic traditions.

Hedonism Party Crew

Party organisers, party crew, pleasure seekers. Organises regular parties around Brussels.

High Needs Low

High Needs Low is a party concept that insists on the juxtaposition of high and low, bright and dark - highs are nothing without lows. This collectives is trying to elevate the level of party concepts, shifting from event 'consumption' to a more emotional, visual and musical inner search.


Impact is a House and Techno collective that sets up events to promote local artists. Originally from Le Mans, they're here to make BEM17 even sweeter.


Indepth is a Brussels based electronic music concept & radio show with a goal to promote artists from Belgium. Every saturday on Radio Vibration.


A techno party concept in Fuse: Initiate is a FTRSND side project that does hypnotic, voodoo jungle techno that all the dance animals go wild for.


Kurious provides artist management and the bookings.

La Jacqueline

DIY mobile soundsystems created by music lovers, makers and cyclists from Brussels.

La gomette noire

A multi-media project contributing to Brussels culture through concerts, live shows, expositions, ateliers, and meetups.


Lessizmore has become known for musical integrity and creating parties in Europe for both the artists and the crowd; a stamp synonymous of the wild frontier creative dance music. They hold legendary sessions at Brussels’ techno mecca, Fuse, underground music to audiences that might otherwise have been unaware.


Lowup is a brussels-based collective spreading dangerous party vibes since 2008. Focused on Global Club Music and its derivatives, Lowup is also a label, a party promoter and they run a radio show every Tuesday night on BRUZZ.



Mentality is a non-profit organisation that organises drum and bass, dub, electronics and techno parties in Brussels and other cities of Belgium. They do social actions for the refugees and for people in need through their parties.

Modular Meet & Jam

A meetup for modular synthesis lovers. A social event for electronic music makers who do their job on analog hardware.

Non peut-être

Weekly after parties every sunday from 8 am to 4 pm, NPE brings together brussels based dj’s and electronic music enthousiasts for some fine after hours.


Brussels based vinyl and digital label, focused on deep and spaced out techno music.


Monthly rhinoplasty party by Rick Shiver


Octopus is a tech house concept that stretches out its tentacles.


ON. is a Brussels based party collective focusing on underground House & Techno music. They are known for co-organising the Electronic Garden at Parc Royal since 2014 and organising the ON.Afternoon at Parckfarm Tour & Taxis since 2016. They know for sure the best way to make you dance on a Sunday afternoon.


Ohme is a multidisciplinary project to develop social events that promote the arts, science and technologies.

Out Of The Ordinary (OOTO)

OOTO is a party concept & record label with a focus on vinyl. It's run by the crew behind Lemakuhlar, smth and Ogust.


New collective based in Brussels focused on dark, mental, powerful electronic music and all things related to visuals to form a new Paradigm in the City.

Plaisir Records

Plaisir Records tries to release tracks that deeply touch them, without being a “cliché” or feeling a kind of “déjà-vu”. Here, you'll find music with a deep & minimal vibe.

PlayLabel records

"PlayLabel was launched in 2008 as an artists’ collective, led by emerging talents from the Brussels electronic music scene. Quickly successful, they developed over the years from enthusiastic music-savvy to professional party and event organizers in Brussels and beyond."

Plein Sud

'Plein Sud' is about getting people together by creating interactions through livestreams, meetups, parties, art, expositions and more.


PROUG represents the current scene of progressive psytrance - it's a radio show on Radio Panik, articles in Dailyzic, and podcasts.


REWIND is a Brussels / Berlin based concept active in the electronic music domain, focused on parties and podcasts.


Stoemp! verenigt 10 authentieke cafés in de Brusselse binnenstad in een concertcircuit. In een intieme sfeer geven grote namen en aanstormend talent er gratis concerten.

Supafly Collective

Supafly Collective is Belgium based female hip hop minded collective.

Terminal Techno

Terminal Techno is a party concept in Brussels, run by the Mentality crew.



Trafik works with collectives to hugely enhance the production value of their events. They are an expert in sound and light rental and installation.


Trahace shares and curates Techno and House music in Brussels, and organises alternative clubnights. Eclectic people with an underground signature - that's what their events revolve around.

Umay Productions

Pluridisciplinary artists collective, which organises events, documentaries, projections, parties, which have "the Brussels scene" as the common theme.


A radio station notorious for promoting the Belgian electronic music scene. A great alternative to the more commercial stations, with a strong sense of community.

Wired Electronics

Wired Electronics is Brussels' modular synth hub. Networking people and organising events since 2010, the collective organises popular modular synth meetings presenting the newest gear by manufacturers, live performances, workshops and jam sessions for the pleasure of your ears and the bliss of your geekiness.

The Void

The VOID is a party concept that focuses on conceptual art, techno and house music. They want you to let it all go and be yourself, in the darkness of the night.


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